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The best way to experience the places around corfu Island in full is to get up close and personal with it. Our Routes offers luxury adventure tours that range from completely exhilarating to delightfully sedate. No matter what your speed, you’ll gain insider insights and a whole new perspective on this beautiful paradise that we call home.

Routes excursions are led by people born on the island, and they can’t wait to share all the best spots and most exciting adventures with you!


The most coastline of mainland also the green vegetation of Sivota tries to reach the Ionian Sea, which is often separated by small sandy strips. Here in Sivota the visitor will find a lot of amazing small beaches of Zeri, Galikos Ormos, Bello Vrako, Zavia and the exotic bay of “Pishina” where a part of the famous film “Blue Lagoon” was filmed.

It’s magic! You don’t believe it is the sea. It looks like you swim in a pool with intense blue waters. Definately the best in the area (which is full of nice beaches), because of the impressive color of the waters and the beautiful lanscape with green trees. Located in one of Sivota tiny islets. Sivota is one of the best places for yachting. A cute fishing village that has become a resort with fjords and tiny islets that remind you the Carribean islands. The whole area is a great anchorage and is a must for yachters. It’s very close to the mainland (Sivota) but you only get there with a boat (even a very small one). There are daily cruises but you can also rent a small boat form Sivota.


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There are two main beaches at the north end of Anti Paxos Vrika and Voutoumi. The shore line of the first beach Vrika is sandy, Voutoumis shore line is pebble but under foot in the water there is white sand. Here you have some of the finest clear blue seas in the world for swimming and snorkelling, its safe for all ages to enjoy. South of these two beaches are many smaller more private coves that can be reached without too much difficulty.

Only 2 kilometers or so south of Paxos is Anti Paxos even smaller and almost uninhabited, instead of the olive groves there are many small vineyards looked after by the Paxos families, some of them also have houses on Anti Paxos. Anti Paxos wine can be bought in the local shops in Paxos or can be sampled in the tavernas on Anti Paxos and Paxos, it is well worth tasting.


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Corfu Town is the capital of Corfu (Kerkyra in Greek) one of the most beautiful and elegant towns in Greece. It is the principal port of the island and one of the largest and most populated (30,000 inhabitants) towns of the Ionian Islands.

All that amalgam of architectural style gives to Corfu Town a unique charm, character and atmosphere that reminds of the glamorous Italian town of Naples.

The Old Town lies on the northern side between the Esplanade Square and the new fortress. Ferries approaching the port of Corfu offer a magnificent view to this picturesque and beautiful town as it is located close by. The square of the Esplanade (also called Spianada) is the central square of Corfu Town and the largest square in the Balkans. It is surrounded by sumptuous buildings, imposing monuments and an old Venetian fortress which marks the beginning of the modern town.


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